Angels Glow On Hallow's Eve

Flames of pure fire burn from her eyes
Roses waft with absolutely zero scent,
But she digs in for a big, empty whiff anyway
Out-bursting flames illuminate the dark shadows of her pupils
A light in her eyes flickers ambitiously
The sudden steak through the heart with one lonely ember
“What’s the plan?” Something seems wrong, she figures
The light narrows to a dark hallway
Out of which the wall paper woes a sugar-coat of whisperings
So that the truth will be lost on the wayward path home
“Watch out though because those lies taste like lies,”
The strength of God tears from sheet rock
A Love in the air somehow rips through a thick wall of isolation’s cement
An unknown source of light in the pumps of her heart flickers
Like a, “BeepBeep, BeepBeepBeep,” type of telecommunication to the mind,
Stick Love’s needles in her eyes, with the entirety of her passionate Spirit
“God, is that you?”
She cries,
“Ah, Yes, My child,” He gleams, “I’m so glad I found you working”

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