Angels in the Rain

I bet, they fly too fast, to see.
the sun-set, watch everyone get, teary eyes.
over a fiery sky, burning. upclose,studied by most,or just learning.
even though you left, the world kept turning.
they were supposed to,chose to,wait for god to say,you got to pray.
what to sing.what instruments to bring today.
he thinks their all the same way, separated, by just a name.
tell god when we pray,fly through clouds,their not allowed,
to fly away,play in front of a crowd.
unless god looks the other way.
its ok, but frightning, the sound is covered by thunder and lightning
all i can see are the hot bolts, that light things.
the rains coming down, storm left a clown,crying on the phone.
downed a drone, angels should never fly alone, and bring me home.
or sing one song, to me,the stage is getting set, i beleive.
im getting wet,just dont, wanna leave.
in a funny way,the gray and black follows,then swallows the sunny day
and replaces.
chases all the doves away,not my love away.
the night brings, bright things, even though my eyes, might sting.
everybody else stares, at spaceships,birds and balloons.
i stopped to cry,but my eyes, should be drying soon,
were all dieing soon.
now i know why,angels love the rain.
i know god loves me,your above me,
and i cant hear the music, cause its too lovely.

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