Angels Like You

A little baby girl,
Barely 6 months old;
Seems she's fussing all the time,
Can't be comforted, oh no.

She is just like you,
An angel in disguise;
Just like you,
Even angels cry.

Big brother is only 3,
And trying to find his way;
Demanding and rebelling,
At anything you say.

Though you're very angry,
Remember he is your son;
And he often copies what he sees,
From Nana, Dad and Mom.

He's just like you,
Even though it makes you mad;
He's just like you,
He is not really bad.

Two precious little angels,
Sound asleep, tucked into beds;
Trusting in their parents love,
Not a worry in their heads.

Remember Dad and Mom,
When you are frustrated, or blue;
These precious little angels,
Are both just like you.

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This Poems Story

This poem was written while observing the frustrations of a family with the behaviour of the young children. I observed that sometimes they did not realize the children were just being children and babies or, at times, children are copying what they see and hear from adults around them.