Angels of Forevermore

The Angel of Dust gently washes away,
the pain and sorrow from their gaze.

Angel of Dirt washes away the clouds of gray;
you can find them playing in an empty cabaret.

Angel of Sunlight plays and plays,
but they can't remember where they stay.

Angel of Sound and Fury drifts away,
to the harmonies of crashing waves everyday.

Angel of Thought can't say why they don't try,
they sit and ponder and only ask why.

Angels of Turmoil slay and slay and slay,
until they're all singing, “Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!”

Angel of Inadequacy's fickle bones,
plays a soft melody for the weak and the old.

The Angel of Immodesty is triumphant like a stone;
but they can't stop thinking, “Why am I so alone?”

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