Angel’s share

This world is a nuisance, it’s just a treacherous trap.
Between all this chaos, lives a girl who’s cracked.
She isn’t different than the others, she has all her parts intact.
Yet whenever she comes in sight, she’s the only very well-known fact.

In a crowd filled with people, your eyes will look for her.
In all those lovely smiles, your heart will belong to her.
No matter how far you be, you’ll still call for her.
Despite her little flaws, you’ll still want her.

She’ll fill them with joy, when your eyes would be dry.
She’ll wipe them gently, whenever your eyes cry.
She’ll be your charm, you just have to know why.
She will make the differences, when she won’t even try.

You’ll get played by everyone, everyone will make you cry.
Everyone will leave you behind, they’ll leave you to die.
In the mist of the lost hope, she’ll hear your painful cry.
When everything seems lost, she’ll be your lullaby.

And as the end would be near, you’d want to hold her hand.
To tell her what she means, to tell her she was grand.
You both might not be perfect, you might not understand.
But in the end, you’ll know, it was destiny’s masterplan...!

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