Anger has the power to cause a lot of havoc
Nowadays because of that havoc a brother will empty fully loaded to a smith and Wesson real quick
Due to these brothers and sisters losing sight to the bigger picture which is the truth of the matter is everyone living by what others feel and think of you I hate to say this but trust this will come to no surprise boo
Damn unfortunately you will never have nothing
Me learning that the hard way the day the lord came into my life and took my beloved son away or the day on one special holiday I filled my jeans with blood cruising down the freeway in my clk320 benz at that moment I still thought I had the best day
Until months later the symptoms didn't go astray they just came harder and stronger even making appointments and trips to the er with licensed professional doctors saying it's only hemroids with this cream one day it will go away
But to my surprise it took one day that I couldn't physically take anymore and I just felt so weak that I wanted to drop to my knees on to the floor and ask lord lord why lord me and then I guess this was karma will all that I have done that's just catching up to me the pain the lies the theft the hurt that I cause and it was time that either I walked by faith or die
But for me I still didn't feel that it was time to look my lord and savior eye to eye due to the fact it wasn't my time no lord it wasn't my time
In time while laying in the hospital bed all that replayed was my childhood and the thought of what would happen to my seed if I just gave up and was dead
Then through the struggles surgeries prayers I will not have my loved ones suffer with the devil feelings I was better off dead
After a long battle with the lord by my side the devil did not win and I am free from all illnesses and one day I will be perfect like my savior above and be free of sin and I think I'm finally completely happy not be angry and not caring what others think or say I'm just free and living for me
Anger brings karma and karma brings consequences in all forms so please be smart my brothers and sister and sit back and just think and use the proper head
Because we are the future Queens and Kings...

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