Anguish [July 25, 2016]

Staring into their lifeless eyes
He is ready for his inevitable demise
The victims of slaughter splattered against the wall
Their lifeless hands reach towards him from beneath the hall

The corpses cold, filled with endless malice
They corner him, trap him within their madness
Shivering beneath their demonic icy grasp
Their voices rasp like shattering glass

Infinite anguish forever fills his memories
They remind him of their life, death and forgotten misery
The pain caused by torture, the cycle of hatred and regret
They force him into their nightmare, his lies he must confess

Their judgment stands above him, ghosts of the written past
Within his guilt, despair falls upon him with infinite mass
Refusing to repent from the endless suffering and agony
They push him down, ignoring the laws of physics and gravity

Through the stone and earth, they push him through the dirt
Falling into an abyss, absorbing all the pain and hurt
Lower and lower, he burns within the fires of the earth
They separate his body and soul, damned for all he's worth

Within the myths and legends, he is a villain
He is lost to the world, trapped within his prison
For eternity he is doomed to burden the world's pain
For he must atone for their anguish, those he had slain

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