Aniexty Why?

Why must you tear my soul and unity apart?
Why must you make life so hard to live to fullest?
Why do you make me tired, so depressed, so dumbfounded to the world?
Why cant I rest for at least eight hours a night, or even two nights?
Why do you smother my lungs with depression?
Why is my heart beginning to over-beat in my head and chest?
Why cant I breathe all of the sudden?
Why do my lips feel numb and tingly?
Why do I feel that my mind is collapsing and going completely insane?
Why do people cackle about, when I speak of you?
Why aren't you taken seriously?
Why cant you be overcame?
Its time to stop asking why?.
Its time to fight.
Its time to breathe.
its time to take this seriously.
Its time to live.
Its time to get some rest.
Its time to smile.
Its time to laugh.
Its time to stop anxiety.
Its serious.
Its a problem.
Its an actual discussion needed to be handled.
Time to put this to an end.

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