Animally Speaking

See God won't put more on me than I can bear
But all you wanna do is wolf things down my throat
Then run away like a chicken
And play sly like a fox like you had nothing to do with it
Like a night owl you stay up and plot
To get me 6 feet under with maggots
What a devilish snake you are!
Why don't you clam up sometime and let me be
True I'm no innocent sheep
But the blood of the Lamb did set me free
And gave me rights to tread over scorpions like you
With your deadly spider venom
Please stop fishing for me
Because the battle you seek is not with me
I'm no deer in the headlights
And I am no mouse
I'm more of a stallion with stride
And dainty in love with faithfulness like a swan
But I know it's my peacock beauty
That gets to you whenever I fan my plumage
But you're just gonna have to buckle your ass up and deal with it
Because you see, like the all-confident eagle I'll always soar
So don't let the lion in me roar
Get your skunk self outta my face
Cause this cheetah here, is gonna win this race

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