A silver mist enshrouds my heart,
Slowly pulling me apart-
For what I don't have is what I do need
To help me cling to sanity.
Venus in the dark night sky, radiant above.
Could I but fly to you...
Come back to me, sweet Annabel,
Come back to me, my love.
Adieu, adieu, it is too soon.
Your ghostly hand in mine,
A red-stained dagger at your side
A grief too strong to describe,
Coming in on mournful tides.
On gentle wings, he came to you-
Why can't he come for me, too?
As crystal tears slide down my cheek,
I'll cry to the dark night sky:
Come back to me, sweet Annabel
Come back to me, my love.
Declared by this knife, with your blood in my hand,
Two hearts shall stop today,
Two lives shall end in perfect harmony.
My hands stained red, pure oblivion around,
I know I must be answer me this
Why am I not with you, sweet Annabel?
Why am I not with you, my love?

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