Anne’s Going to the Ocean

Anne's going to the ocean
One day very soon
It's hard to find the time, you see
When you sleep all afternoon.
She sees it in her dreams,
The wide blue ocean bare,
She feels it break against her skin
And awakens with a scare.

The ocean took her father away
Long ago, in a gentle tide,
She had never quite forgiven him
For leaving her behind.
But one day they would meet again
In a land of seaweed halls,
A world of perfect slumber
Without voices, or faces, or walls.

Anne's going to the ocean
And she never shall return.
Too wrinkled for a casket,
And too soggy for an urn.
She'll swim until she tires,
And sink, peaceful, to the floor,
Then down there, with the fishes,
She will dream forever more.

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