It’s been months now,
The strings of my heart have been fiddled for too long,
Why do we wait?
Your voice still rings in my ears like a symphony,
Why can’t we talk?
The sight of you truly makes me reminisce of what I so badly desire.
Why do I never see you anymore?
Sometimes I wish you knew the truth, I’m happy but I’m stuck on us,
Does your mind play the same games as mine does?
I can’t say I love you no more but I wish I could tell you everyday.
Can you even say it to me now?
You’re my baby even if you leave me, I realized that long ago
Do you even feel the same way anymore?
Please look into my eyes and feel the light
Can you even feel it?
Even if you’re gone, the feeling gets strong,
Why can’t you come back?
It’s time, our anniversary that we don’t celebrate no more,
Do you remember...?

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