I seize the opportunity to be counted as an anomaly
My life cannot be surmised or explained by facts written on paper
That is the generic brand
the simplistic, simple approach would be mediocre
these are the realities, facts, truths, the specifics you should know
Never live your life to appease others
Compromise can be a collapse to future plans for your life
Life throws you curve balls, continue to dodge the obstacles you face
There is a heaven & a hell everyone will have to face this reality
Have standards in life
Don't let others demean you
Disappointments come in life but there is also joy to experience
You should know this about me:
Never doubt what I say to your face
I am not closed-mined....
only open minded to positivity and righteous living
a bit of advice:
do what's right even when it's not
expected, popular or warranted
Words fit to personify who I am
a believer in Christ, fortitude, diligence, and candid
I am not defined by the contour of my figure, nor the beauty on the
surface that can effortlessly hide a façade
I was designed by God, born in His likeness, shaped and molded
living every day to honor Him

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