Another 8 Fall

Man one was bullied into shame,
Man two used drugs to numb his pain.
Man three thought seeking help was weak,
Man four thought his demons made him a freak.
Man five took a dive and thought he could swim,
Man six cut his wrists to stop the pain within.
Man seven was told to stay tough,
And man eight decided he’d had enough.
And so that makes eight lives taken away,
The 8 Aussie men that fall by suicide every day.
This is a warning to all the men,
Who haven’t shed a tear since way back when,
Some handle their emotions best
With a flex or two and a puff of their chest.
Some are the proud blokey blokes,
Who think mental illness is some sort of joke.
Some of them have nerves of steel,
But are too damn scared to face how they feel.
Some of are deluded into thinking they’re ‘fine’
As they mentally battle a war on the frontline.
They can’t stop talking about their team’s epic win,
But never bring up the game they’re losing within.
And so it goes day after day,
The tough blokey blokes push their thoughts away.
And no one speaks up. Nothing changes at all,
And so it goes day after day, another 8 fall.

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