Another Black Poem

Just about "ANYTHING" can pass for a BLACK poem nowadays; all you have to do is Be Born BLACK, Grow Up In BLACK Neighborhoods, Go To BLACK Schools, Have BLACK Girlfriends, Write A Few Lines About It, then Give It A BLACK Title/

Like if I were to write a piece about Rosa Parks or Langston Hughes I'd call it A BLACK Poem/

And if I were to write all about my blues when I was stressed out and about shoes if I didn't have none I "COULD" call it a BLACK poem/

As a matter-a-fact I'd call "ANYTHING" I wrote A BLACK Poem based on the fact that I'm a little bit dark around my knees and around my elbows,

and because I say "Moma-a-nems..." instead of "Theirs and my mother's..." or "fentna..." instead of "Getting to..."

And what about my once nappy hair picked out into an afro, or the deadlocks I once grew,band my BLACK olive skin,

And about how I trip because I miss my babies,

And about my own BLACK friends when they call me nigga/

If I were to write a piece about "ANY" of this I'd definitely call it A BLACK Poem/

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This Poems Story

There's really not much that I could tell anyone about this piece, except that it pretty much speaks for itself.