Floating, self-loathing,
A drop of moisture in the mist,
Following blind these winds of life,
A kiss without the lips.

Burdened so, a troubled mind,
Not knowing where to turn,
No food for thought, just booze and binges,
A student who never learned.

Impossible for evolution,
If one’s conditions stay the same,
To react to harmful evils,
Is how we mortals induce change.

Live it different, live it better,
Put your fingers in your pockets,
Cease from pointing them at others,
That’s the only way to stop it.

Can you see this adaptation?
I can feel it in my soul,
My center has returned to me,
It is through love that I am whole.

This world we share, she’s beautiful,
Only as ugly as you allow,
She gave me yet another chance,
I hope I’ve made her proud.

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