Another day in May

Camille Moore
“Another Day In May”

It was just another day.
Filled with laughter, and play.
It was just another day.
A sunny day in May.

I went to my class.
The one that was so easy to pass.
The class that all my friends were in,
Too bad I’ll never see them again.

I was just about to write down,
“M=mx squared.”
Right next to the boy who never cared,
To write down any notes.

Then I heard it.
The sound of the bullet finding it’s target.
The shooter walking over her body,
Like she was just another pencil on the floor.

He was hurt, and decided that we would be too.
He wanted to make us feel what he went through.
You could tell by the way he smiled,
That he loved to see another human being take their last breath.

My heart leaped!
But I wouldn’t dare make a single peep.
I duck behind the teacher’s desk,
Papers flew all around me, graded tests.

Then I see her,
The life almost drains out of my friend’s eyes.
Oh it is the hatred that I despise!
My tears fall as her body becomes still.

Still, is how my heart feels as I
Suddenly become cold.
The taste of metal fills my mouth.
As I began to fall south.

Out of body, as I see my old body,
Being cradled in my mother’s arms.
I try to comfort her,but I only go through her.
No, I can not feel at all.

Oh how I thought it was a normal day,
A normal day in May.
I look to the world, and see her,
As I begin to float away.

My Grandmother tells me it’s time.
She takes my hand, and points to the light.
I look back at my broken body, and my family,
But she tells me it’s all right.

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