Another Day With The Master

Echoes in the rain,
In a sense pounding rhythmically,
Against my window pane,
I ask myself will it ever be the same,
The change that has occurred in my life,
Brought many tears through all the years of my strife,
But it has also brought me to the realization that my Creator lives,
In the strength of my youth,
A turning point was made,
Forgiveness is what we all ultimately want,
To say goodbye to the old me,
And turn the anger that is inside,
Which is part of a little pride?
Into joy,
Waiting for me to slip up so he can get in to steal my soul,
Are echoes of the evil one in my ear,
Saying come on just one little sin,
So I can be a part of his everlasting chain gang,
No, I will always remember Him, who gave me life,
This I do know,
That my voyage through mortality will be tough until the end of time,
I must always remember that I signed up for this battle,
And satan will lose,
But you have your free will,
So choose the light and live,
Live to fight another day with your Master.

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