Another Night in Dream

There once was a night,
I again saw a dream,
The dream was about hope and lights; not fear and dark,
Hopes resembled the rising glowing sun;
like angels were ferrying the sun,
I felt like I was walking on a high land;
to get lost in a wonderland,
There was no fear of being estranged;
despite being so on fringe,
I was ready to take a ride in fairyland;
counting it to be another Disneyland,
I was alone on my voyage; yet happy and confident,
because this was my journey,
But then an intersection came;beyond which everything was dark,
I got scared;this was the confluence of hopes and fears,
dark and lights,
Everything seemed to be mirage by now;
let alone all hopes were fraud,
But suddenly my eyes opened; and I saw it was dark around,
There were no angels to ferry the sun;
but shimmering starts to guide the night,
Dream had run its course; but it gave me a reason to think,
Why to lie down and,
wait for stars to led you through night,
"Follow the dreams; not the stars,
Stars shed away; but dreams remain forever in eyes and actions,"
I felt I was the lucky one;
to be able to feel another one.

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