Another Option

As I look back on the sunrise
I see my life in pieces
the people that I despise
my heart slowly decreases
the mean words they spoke
the whispers they whispered
then dawn came
as it all felt the same
I lifted it up with good aim
then gun smoke filled the air
it brushed through my hair
as I saw my friend there looking down on me
her face seemed to be wet with tears
she screamed why oh why would you do this to me
then I screamed even louder that no one loves me
but when I screamed nothing came out
she was crying know and so were some others
those others could they have really loved me
they all seemed so sad it just had to be
as bright yellow rays broke through the blinds
they all got up and left was I going out of my mind
they couldn't really true friends
true friends don't leave your side
I heard people talking like they were occupied
then my friends came back in but with more people know
they stayed by my side as people one by one left
I realized I truly did have friends
I just never noticed
but know my life is gone and there was no going back
I realize now that I had another option

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