Another Page

My body is not what it used to be,
There's all these red and white lines,
Encompassing my lower stomach,
And my memory is on the decline.

My breasts are not the same either,
They are beginning to sag even more.
I cannot believe how the years have gone by,
Faster then ever before.

My face also has changed,
There's more lines and brown spots then before.
I do not know how...
But there's tons of grey hairs galore.

I used to dye my hair for fun,
Now I color it to hide my age.
Stress from daily life isn't helping,
But there goes another page.

My hands now become sore,
When i want to open a can or a jar.
Oh how i wish this wasn't happening,
I wish i could go back only so far.

All these twisted changes,
Can be stressful and sad,
But when i look at my little ones...
And realize that it's not that bad.

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