Another Whispered Song

The scars are written on my arm,
through the pain and fear and the future love.
The blue skies cry as the grey bears down;
my heart slowly breaks as it floats to the ground.
The smiling lies and that first, sinful kiss,
they linger and burn in a devilish twist.
The beat of my heart, fearful and fast,
drowns out the screams that my smile can't mask.
In love or in hate, the words are still there;
the bruises and cuts, they burn and they tear.
I still sing strongly, though my voice fades away.
I still wait gently for another new day.
I whisper my secrets to the wind and the rain,
so they will carry them away and drown out the pain.
There's not much hope left for a life been forgotten,
but forever holding on will prove I've got something.
So here I am-sitting, waiting for you,
cradling my heart that desperately needs glued.
Another verse to be added above,
another song written for the one that I love.

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