Another Womans Man

TO whom ever it may concern;Im enlove with a married man;
I can have him sometimes,but not like she can.
At first it was exciting! I mean something new.
For what i knew she had no clue.Im enlove with a married man.
My sometimes turned into my me times until,I found myself
sleeping with yet,'Another Womans Man]
'Why is it that over and over time and try again,
I always seem to find myself intwined in this same old
disfunctional cycle of whirlwind? Is my selfesteem that low
that i cant get out and find my own man?
Concern not of whomever maybe concerned'
I was enlove with a married man living in denial unable to love
myself and now i can.HEY!now thats something very exciting
I mean brandnew and who would have thought after all these years
It was me who absolutely had no clue/

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