It was june tenth of 2017 when Anthem was first
And they said it was gonna be amazing
It was announced at the E3 when all of the E.A. games
get announced and it was so cool looking
I was dying inside
waitin for it for about a year
when it came to june ninth 2018 then Anthem had a teaser trailer
It told the story is that the gods left and that they left these powerful relics called shapers
that can do godly things
You are a freelancer
trying to save the planet
Livin in the last city fort tarsis named after the best freelancer named general tarsis
E3 2018 was when the javelins were announced
The storm was a long range class that flew and shot electricity like a mage bassically
The ranger is a jack of all trades and is like an attrition operative
The colossus is the tank of the bunch who just sits there and takes all of the damage and also deals most of it as well
The interceptor is my personal favorite
like a ninja who is from naruto
they throw kunai at the enemy
they rely on melee to survive with their triple jump
And then came february 22 of 2019 and the game had finally come out but 2 days before that I had the pre order of the game so I played the beta, the beta was better than the full release, they had finally said that they would make a anthem 2.0 because it was the biggest flop of fucking 2019 soo they promised us a no mans sky rework of the game just like what happened to no mans sky where they just made an entire new game. Anthem always ass, just like 2020
Being hyped by all of us with the tesla roadster coming out, and other very happy things, but then god said fuck all of yall and set california and austrailia on fire just for the fun of it and then made some poor chinese fucker to fuck a bat and make the coronavirus 2019 to kill off every single one of us and when that didn’t work, he released killer hornets on everybody to finish the job, he was so sick of our school shootings that he got rid of school almost, he hated the amazing aussies so he set them ablaze, he just really really hates us this year

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