I scatter myself like teardrops in the rain,
inhale my soul like a freshly lit joint,
see the universe clearly with the leftover acid in my eyes.
Breath me in.
I harbor a sorrowful thirst for pain
and with a back hole for a heart
I expand.
The darkness inside me consumes all
leaking out of me without my permission,
leaving me empty when the scars heal
and so I cut.
I burn with anger and discomfort,
depression paired with exhaustion.
I sleep.
In the morning
I can't bring myself to get out of bed
so I watch the darkness turn to light,
and as I wonder if I can do the same thing,
I disintegrate.
I'll carve the Mona Lisa into my skin
and watch the atoms pour out of my veins.
I will bring devastation to the cosmos
for I am more than just a trigger
I am my own weapon.
I am antimatter.

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