Antiques and Paintings

Antiques and Paintings
Gentle hand and a chilling smile
Mesmerizing eyes, gazing deep into mine
Roses and satin bows all hugging about
All in arms, ready to be hand given to me
Knew without doubt, he would never leave
There weren’t many antiques and paintings to be seen

So when he arrived,I took the chance
Time for me to chisel the solid ice
So told him about the others and their filthy wealth
And a tantrum was threw at me straight away
Acknowledging me for no other
Going astray immediately after,
So not too long ago,I drew fire and melted the block
Antiques and paintings are meant to be admired

Tailored suits and glimpses of gold
Antiques and paintings were all about
Glass pearls, brought by an new lover
My lover is wealthy, it is all that counts
Antiques and paintings are meant to be gifted

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