I keep having this epiphany
Where I realize there's so much I don't see

Even the most genius of us are primitive
Mankind's knowledge only a derivative

Passed down from those before
We continuously ignore
That there is more

Our minds so blind
In view of the grand design

So little that we actually know
We catch only a glimpse of the whole show

Making grand gestures,
Look at us
We make such a fuss

But as ants are to us
We are thus

We love and we hate
And boast of what we create

We get so lost in our situation
Incapable of perceiving the whole of creation

We speak of manifest destiny
And conquering from sea to sea

Truly this is our curse
We focus on a single verse
And Forge the vastness of the universe

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This Poems Story

As a child, after learning about the wise and ancient King Solomon of the bible, I prayed for knowledge above all. Progressing into my manhood, I believe, God (whatsoever he be to you) has consistently whispered in my ear the makings of wisdom. While running these mystical messages over in my mind, I always seem to come to the same conclusion eventually -- [mankind's] knowledge is minuscule and it is with the beginning of this understanding that we can perceive the true essence of wisdom. The more I know, the more I realize how little I actually know.