My stomach is turning
Anxiety for all its worth
Will always leave a glowing burn
On my mind, my feelings,
My thoughts are impacted
Constantly by the thought of you
Whether it's love or whatever
Do you want me?

Do you truly care to stay by my side
through all this bullshit
that never subsides
please tell me
this feeling is unbearable
searing my dreams
I can hope for the best
stand with my loved ones
and wait for the rest
but I'll still have the idea
running through my mind
that things can actually be real
for once in such a crazy
unpredictable life

I can shrug off the thought
push away every little thing
I think might hurt me
but I love you
and I love it all
and I'm not sure there's much more. to say but I'll just breathe,
maybe sleep
and wait for my trust to
blow back to me in
small particles shattered
but existing
clinging to something
I hopes actually real.

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