Someones watching me...
Why is he talking about me?
this anxiety is killing me...
Feeling like im everyones enemy.
Feeding off my energy...
I'm so nervous i dont know whats gotten into me
help me
Find my way out this dungeon
For i'm trapped in a state of mind,
dealing with negativity from the people behind..
They see me, i dont wanna turn around.
For im afraid that my mind will control my thoughts
and break me down...
Oh god, why am i like this..
Forget the medications, lord i can fight this!
Im standing still as ever, but my hands are sweating..
Hallucinations, making temptations, as these tears are shedding..
I turn around and there they are..
Eyes glued to my face....
"Come on carry on" the teacher says..
I close my eyes, breathe deeply..
hoping that no ones sees me.. oh please, dont tease me.
Just leave me so i can breathe free .
Anxiety is inside me, it despise me,
it lies to me, i am innocent,
but im see

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