Quarantine has been getting to me lately.
With almost every night comes unfathomable nausea.
Shivering uncontrollably, I scamble to the floor.
I press my head against the cold porcelain.
Gasping for air is not comfortable.
Neither is the tightness in my throat.
It's not a nightly thing, only occasionally.
I can't always distract myself in time to ward it off.
The unexplained are the thoughts.
The ones that cause me so much distress and pain.
They haunt me but only for a while.
I know I'm not the only one who is this way.
There's nothing much I can do.
I just take deep breaths and hope.
I've walked the empty streets well after midnight.
My cat always walks by my side.
That is until the the nausea somewhat subsides.
Thankfully, her purring does so comfort me.
No one else sees this side of me.
For my sake, I hope they never do.
I don't like being so weak to my own mind.
I do know know I'm not truly weak inside.
This is only my anxiety.
I am strong and I will get through all of this.
No matter how long.

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