Lights flicker, in the cold, vast halway of my mind
Hands reach on every side
Callused fingertips, smearing dark,
red zig zags
Marking my flaws, a landing pattern for my neuroses
Warm breath plumes, exhaling exhaustion
The flicker getting dimmer, the light all but gone now
Someone needs to change that goddamn bulb
The hands take hold, beginning to pull
I close my eyes, just breathe
Voices, so many voices
Just breathe
Questioning, interrogating
Beating on the walls of the hallway of my mind
Places aren't haunted, people are
Stop, breathe
Stop, please
Tearing, burning,
Scratching and clawing, my eyes are tearing up
I can't.. Stop, just breathe
What if, what if, what if
"So.. what?" Easy for you to say
Squinted, bloodshot eyes open
It's time for another day, and tonight, we'll resume

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