The clock has spoken of the time,
my fingers are in a frantic.
It is time for me to speak my mind,
blood pressure is in a panic.
I hear my heartbeat in my brain.
The clockwork is grinding gears.
Here comes the fear.
Yeah its time for me to speak,
but this disease makes me weak.
Its a ticking and tocking, a clocking unstopping.
Its a darkness so dark that it cannot be darkened.
Its a blackness so black that it cannot be blackened.
Its that feeling in which the feelings
cannot feel free to feel.
My mind is spinning it's wheels.
Its labeled anxiety.
Anxiety is eating at my lungs.
Anxiety is locking up my tongue.
My body wants to escape this,
but I've yet to feel courageous.
Into the depths of my heart, it is racing.
Into the depths of my heart, it is caging.
Into my heart, anxiety inks.
Into my heart, anxiety sinks.
It was time for me to speak my mind,
but I slowly just killed the time.

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