Perspiring hands,
trembling at every expanse
with heavy weights, piling on
after the other on top of my chest.
Each breath I take is af if
the wind got knocked out of me.
Head is spinning. Which way is up?
Head spinning, no focus.
Where is my focal point?
Need to find a focal point.
Clear my mind.
Breathe deeply five times.
You're feeling nauseous.
That will pass soon.
Stare at the daisy you see over there.
What color is it?
Are they watching me?
They're talking about me.
My best friend likes daisies.
I should pick that out for her.
Keep breathing.
Your heart will slow down soon.
Anxiety will not consume you.
This won't last long.
Sit down just in case.
There you go.
You're not in danger.
Keep breathing.
That's it. You are going to be okay.
You are you.
You are not your anxiety.

c.m. caro

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