The deepest darkest conrners of my life are now revealed,
I'm waiting for the scattered pieces of my life to heal,
These memmories once kept deep and scealed are coming back today,
But this time I come back prepared I won't be torn away,
By emotion, by my fear,
Of all the things that once kept me from thinking clear,
All these troubles, all these tears,
That are causing me to break down all the walls that hold me here,
In reality, God help my sanity,
My pride and dignity, are crashing down on me,
Crashing down on me,
Crashing down on me!!!
Anxiety controlling me Bi-Polar tendency,
I'm paranoid that people see this monster taking over me,
Save me, save me, someone help me!
Dr's tried to medicate me people have been praying for me,
Save me from this fiend inside It's starting to infect my mind,
Save me save me someone help me!

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