Thoughts race
So fast I can't keep pace
Each slipping my embrace
Feel to have no space
No escape
For they give chase
How to survive this case
Cannot find my base

Heart pounds
Screeching sounds
Sweat falling to the ground
My compass spinning round
My world falling down
To this suffrage I am bound

My mind they dominate
My mind they violate
On each I ruminate
Come to interrogate
With each second they accelerate
I begin to deteriorate
An end I must locate
So I meditate
Begin to levitate
Focus my breathing
Stop this hallucinating
This is my mind
No more will thoughts be dominating

Thoughts I embrace
For now I have my base
Move at my pace
I have solved this case

These thoughts
Sure to be a recurrence
Back to test my endurance

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This Poems Story

I suffer from anxiety attacks and this is my poem to explain the feelings I go through each time I have one. I found that meditation is the best way for me to over come them.