This anxiety won't leave my body,
As it's throwing a hammer in my chest while pushing it deeper under my skin with every straining breath I take,
As it has my heart jumping at every hand that is raised,
While every leaf blown my way seems to be a mountain I just can't cross,
As it has my mind racing at every thought that crosses while never letting me go without overthinking,
As it has my legs glued to a chair scared to get ridiculed for even the slightest flaw placed on my skin,
As it has my breath changing speeds while only thinking for just a split second,
As it has my body freezing up at the simplest touch,
As they have the medication that pushes away anxiety while bringing depression in a brighter light,
As we deal with our illnesses we remember that no one is alone, that no one should ever feel alone, as to think that love and self love are just around the corner.

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This poem is about how anxiety can rule someones life, but we have to get through that. I know that its hard and it will take years and years. We will survive.