The clock is ticking faster and faster,
Nearer to a harsh and udder disaster.
The blood in my heart is pumping fast,
The time on the clock left me aghast.

I hurry and hurry, but time's running out!
I say “I’ll make it”, but my voice is full of doubt.
The ticking gets louder and louder, I can't hear myself think!
The walls seem like they’re beginning to shrink!

Then I realized, anxiety had ahold of me,
I had to run, I had to flee
I should have been calm instead of trying to hurry,
Life is to short to worry.

Now I'm coming to my end,
And having no one to call my friend.
The clock ticks slower and slower,
As the energy I have gets lower and lower.

The gears of my mind start to rust,
While the books of my soul accumulate dust.
As the few pleasant memories start to grow dim,
I close my eyes and sing a Hymn.

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