I wish I could stare into their eyes, and know what they're thinking. Their words don't match the lips, they ramble on and ignore our hearts. With just a kiss to unravel these walls, as if a thought can be said so freely. How many times must one man break their soul to rise, how many times must one thing be said for ears to listen. I dry up into sand and let it fall through my fingers, they are the sun and I've been burned and blinded. The suns beauty radiates, but can never be seen, the skies cover with clouds and the wind whispers in the air. To wander 40 days and 40 nights in my desert, only to wind up lost, it's my cruel fate to be imprisoned in my own home. My hearts home it's been barren too long, it must rain before it grows at all. Another thing said and I don't hear the news, I'm exhausted and tire and I've come upon a town. These people don't speak here, their words crash like thunder and summon up a storm. The winds whip and tangle and the sand starts to fly, I kneel down and cry and the world starts to shake. Earthquakes boom and I've been chained to fate. Their words never lie, but their hearts do. My mind has wandered too far and I've been left in a sea of worries

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Desciption of anxiety