I Try To Come and Rise Above
Be Better Than My Father But Thats a Bluff
The Constant Night Terrors
Feeling I'll Never Get My Shit Together
Cause My Sister Been Stressin Due To Seizures
Brothers Disowned Me, Finding His Closure
Daddy Laying the coffin just rolling over
Mama always finding suicide letters
The stress must be tearing me apart
Cause inside i'm empty, cold without a heart
and Finding happiness is the hardest part
Love is a joke a world full of scars
Just 17 and I laugh at what i've become
Some drug addict looking for a hit and run
The future coming quick and im terrified
I'm honest when it comes to God, But Satan Lies
Stuck Between Who I Am and Who I Am Becoming
I mean i watched my innonence take a headstart and keep running
I walk through the halls hiding my face
Hiding my selfish evil ways
Cause i know depression does more than weigh
Builds a fort inside of your brain
Takes it over and kills you before you go insane
I've seen family shot and killed
Seen close friends dead in my arms
Gunned down at will
Like What Is The Point In Life
If I have to scream into a mic
Like its my counselor or wife
But girls just really dont get to me that way they used too
Beautiful eyes and smile are deception im used too
I Coulda Been Something
But Now I'm Stuckin Rottin
Just a year ago I happy to be frontin
Now My Life Has Wasted Away
and I Got This Awful Feelin I'm Always Goin To Be Nothin

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