I feel a darkness settling in, my anxiety is on the rise.
There's a whisper in my head, and it speaks nothing but lies.
Things like, you're a terrible mother, and you suck as a wife.
There's a pain in my chest, it feels as sharp as a knife.
I should know what this is, for its not the first time.
I do know the truth, I just can't convince my mind.
If I could just calm down everything would be fine.
I know what the battle is, I just don't know how to fight.
Then in an instant, it's oh my god, what if they're right?
People ask, what causes anxiety? please tell us why ?
They say, calm down and breathe, don't they know that I try?
I should take my medicine now, they'll help, then I'll be fine.
Take more than one, take them all, take anything you can find.
I feel the flush on my cheeks, a wet sting in my eye.
Wow, I hadn't even noticed that I had started to cry.
Where are my pills, I need one, I need four or five.
I'm afraid of death, but yet I don't want to be alive.
I think of my family and my son, and I know this ain't right.
But I'm getting tired, I should just lay down for the night.
I feel the pills, I should go to the doctor, but now I can't drive.
I regret what I've done, I'm scared, but I still hope I don't survive.
I wake up in the morning, from the window I can see the light.
I've made it through another day, just to repeat another fight.
I get up for the day, get dressed, and put on my disguise.
Maybe no one will notice that my anxiety is once again on the rise......

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