'It's going to be okay'......
Is it?
Is it going to be okay?

Or do you just so desperately want your life to be perfectly in place?
Do YOU want it to be okay because it'll make your life easier and less stressful?
Is it going to be okay?

Do I have to automatically be okay for you?

I'm sorry.

It's not okay.
It's not going to be okay for a while, Maybe a few days, weeks, years .....

It's not okay for me right now. It hasn't been okay for me for a long time.

I wish it was that easy to just be... Okay.

I wish I could give this to you.

It's not okay.
I'm not okay.
And that's...... Okay.

It's okay for us to fall...
Lose all hope

It's okay for it not to be okay.

Let me fall without restrictions

Tell me it's okay to crumble, Break and Lose all hope.

Just hold my hand
Just listen
Just help me up when I'm ready to rise again.

In my own time.

It's okay to just sit and listen
It's okay to not know what to say

It's okay to hurt be angry and not know what to do to help.

Just let me know ... It's okay to not be okay.

Let me see you won't give up on me. You'll never stop loving me for me.

That's all I ask.

Is that Okay?

(For Pypah)

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