By Swapna   

Strolling along the creek
the trail dappled by the sun’s rays
my thoughts began to drift
as the wind touched my face tenderly.

Away from the bustle
bounded by tranquility
blissful thoughts ought to have
engulfed me effortlessly.

But despondency
seemed to have accompanied me
even in my search for solace.

from this dutiful
but loathsome companion
I yearned for.

I began to distract myself
with the vivid colors of nature
that surrounded me
expecting a spurt of joyful thoughts
to usurp my faithful companion’s position.

I gazed at flowers
no divergence of thought
they seemed to bring.

I tried the hoary stream
the blazing sun
the rainbow
the green meadow
the butterflies
the blue sky
only to find my proud companion
standing tall
and unshaken.

With all hope lost
tears trickling down my face
I scurried up the mountain
across rock and bush
until I arrived at the edge of the crag.

I closed my eyes
to shun cowardice
that looked me in the eye.

I moved to take that one step
to end my misery.

I woke up.

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