Anxiety Attack

I'm a lie to everything you say,
I'm that haunting thing behind you when you pray,

I'm that girl that's way too fat with my skin sticking to my bones
I'm that kid with those pimples but perfection in all
I'm the one that hears everything with my back against the wall
I can't go anywhere but I'm everywhere. I'm there without being seen and heard but only when i scream

Don't look at me, don't touch that,
I'll run away and take the cat.
I'm comforted but so insecure.
If I see someone's here I become so unsure

I'm sitting here,
now I'm at the park.
I don't have enough space, what wrong with the human race.
They're following me everywhere I go, some day I'll end up dead as the next Jane doe.

Don't they see that somethings not right, what happens if they try to fight.

Now an earthquake, it's down on main.
It's crushing me, this is so insane.

Mom do you hear me? I'm coming home.
Do you hear that? They're screaming their song!
It won't be long now, just wait it out
I'll soon calm down, I'm just sitting on a couch.

Nothings there... nothings wrong...
I always seem to overreact...
I'm sorry mom I had an anxiety attack...

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