Anxiety in Prose

What is anxiety?
Anxiety is...
Anxiety is...
The walls pushing in on me
Anxiety is...
The way I feel when the world is crashing in on me all at once,
Like waves on a shoreline
Beating at the grains of sand that hold each other together to create the entirety (of me)
Anxiety is...
Feeling trapped, hopeless, with no escape like a bird chained in a cage wings clipped, overwhelmed confused, broken, taunted, left on their own to make what they can of their situation, mind unclear, feathers plucked as a nervous habit because there was nothing else to do
Anxiety is..
Not crazy
It's not obscene
Or wrong
Anxiety is like trying to put 80 pounds worth of baggage in your suitcase till it won't even fit, but pretending it does anyway, like its just ok, no big deal
Anxiety is a burdening weight on your shoulders crushing you leaving you in physical and emotional pain, too confused to begin even imagining how to fix it
Anxiety is...
Pretending to be alright when you're not, faking that sense of stability as you walk on your tight rope bricks in both hands weighing you down leaving you mad
Anxiety is...
Not crazy
Not obscene
Not wrong

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