You can have wishful thinking,
But it can be deceiving.
You know in your heart you can do it,
But your mind says,
No you can't do it.
Everything around is a blur,
Your words start to slur.
You feel left out,
At the same time,
You want to be left out.
You want to reach out,
You end up lashing out.
Nothing is as it seems,
Even if you were to reach for your dreams.
You want friends,
You feel like they won't understand.
The feeling of drowning,
In your own emotions,
Has never been so real.
Going deeper,
And deeper into your own despair.
You want to cry,
You feel like no one,
Can hear you.
You can scream,
There is no echo.
Their is the feeling,
Of nothingness.
You can fall apart,
Piece by,
Everlasting piece,
You feel like,
No one can save you,
From your own mountainous,
We ask why,
We can't feel better.
The truth is,
No matter how badly we are drowning,
We forget that someone was always there,
To guide us through our own deceit.
It isn't fun feeling lonely,
And confused.
When there is two,
Everything feels brand new.

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