Anxiously Crippled

Anxiously Crippled

In layers of plastic wrap
My body is encased
It keeps me tightly wound
And always in my place

It helps hide the bruises
So people cannot see
The person I truly am
The person I try not to be

But every now and then
The plastic comes undone
I feel like I’m defeated
The war inside of me has won

I crumble into pieces
And fall upon the earth
My sanity forsakes me
I fail to see my worth

I cry out pleading for help
But no one lends a hand
They don’t care to listen
Or try to understand

I don’t want to lose hope
Or scare off all my friends
I just need some quiet time
Until this moment ends

So bear with me for awhile
For when all is said and done
I’ll rise up among the ashes
A new dawn has just begun

I’ll wrap myself back up
And carry on just as before
Except this time I am different
I am confident even more

For from ashes comes rebirth
A sense of purpose I can see
I know where I belong now
And that you are just like me

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This Poems Story

I wrote this after going through a few straight months of severe anxiety and depression. It helped me to better understand the emotions I was feeling during this period of time and the different stages of what a typical anxiety attack was like for me. The true beauty of this poem is that it can be interpreted in an infinite amount of ways and used for any situation in life regardless of the circumstances.