I stay confused anymore
My mind races, my heart endures
Tragedy after tragedy
But is still begging for more
Eventually ill climb
Crawl out from behind
The walls I build and break and bend
And ill draw a straighter line
One easier to walk
As we gather our thoughts
Well once again smile and laugh
Just at each others ornery talk
Well dance into serenity
Even in its brevity
Short and sweet, calm and simple
Like ever lover dreams
You'll be the death of me
And ill lay down beside you
My words will fail me
And ill be lost at the beauty of you
You'll once again love me
And I'll once again hold you
And you'll smile at the thought of me
Ever doubting you
I stay confused anymore
Please stay for more
Sometimes our eyes fail to recognize
The reasons for which were born
And the answers were looking for

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