Losing inspiration
Could become
A tragedy
To those who take for granted
What's around them.

I was like that once.

I was in the dark
A hidden horror story
Lost in an abyss
Not truely sure
What I wanted
Or what made me happy

But then, I met you

You looked at me without judgment
Even today, you joke with me
Painting my cheeks with flames in pink
And my ears with bright fire.
You treat me sweetly,
Something no other has done before, or even

I wonder though, do you really see me?
Have you heard the rumors?
Or the things people may say
About those they wish weren't here

Part of me wants to believe
That you're different
That i could maybe learn
How to care about someone
Other than myself
Unlik anything I've learned before
To wonder what it would be like to not be alone

I could never say any of this to you though
You'd probably laugh
And call me stupid
But yet, inside
I wonder
What we could
Amount to be if I
Took the chance to
Danced around fate like
We never even cared before
What others think, and
While you may
Have never
thought before
I have...
Maybe someday you'll read this
But not today

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This Poems Story

This was written at a point in my life where I felt like I was losing everything. When I got the chance and confessed my feelings to this amazing guy that helped get me out of the dark, i got rejected. So this was written to get my emotions out about the experience.