Does anyone really full heartedly care about You?
I ask myself a lot,
Would you miss me if I was gone?
Or miss what wasn't doing for you anymore?
Trying to be a better me,
Learning how to express my feelings,
Yet it causes a fight.
People around me continue to say,
Let me in to get to know you,
The true you and to myself I laugh.
That I'm screaming for help nobody will ever,
So I cry in the dark all alone,
Knowing somewhere down deep inside,
Nobody wants to know the true me,
Nobody cares that much,
To hold me when I'm in my dark place.
To realize when I'm not lashing out,
Take the time to completely understand,
Rhe emptiness that dwells within me.
Quietly as my tears stream down my face, And my pillow becomes completely soaked,
I wonder why I can't just be held,
Held so tight that I finally feel safe,
Finally even for a moment,
To feel an ease from the darkness,
Even if it is from myself.

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