Anything but new

He brought me to this  place not to MOVE UP or to GO FORWARD; but to BE STILL. Over and over I ask the  Lord "How long?"  'For a TIME?".'for a SEASON?"He always sais the same thing.. "Just a little while longer." My life; Who I am. How I SEEM  to others is SEEN through eyes with  scales..I cannot help what people see, but I carry it . And so I WAITand WAIT. Five times I waite. So I tell you the truth. Nothing And noone is NEW to me. The wrapping is always differant .The purposes are new but inside its the same ol thing everytime. Yet; I was still willing to be new  to the same old you. He promises to make it up to me. that it will be worth it in the end. And just like its worth it for some that for another compromise their intelligence and integrity to be used and abused  for another who counts their lovers by twos. Let me tell you. Let me shout this.Though He sais He will make it up to me.Though He sais it will be worth it. I say what can be more of a reward ,more worth it and precious than knowing Him?  Just to know Im on Gods side that is worth a thousand times a thousand more than anything else He has promised me to come. I am His and His alone.It was your mistake to think I was ever yours to mistreat and that my trust was ever in you for if it was I would have ran in the other direction because for me I have always known you were anything but new.

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